DGS - Synology Drive - Powerful private cloud storage with no recurring fees

Now, Synology makes it possible for every home and office to host your own cloud – with 100% data ownership and no subscription fees. See how this changes the way we live and work, access and share data.

Powerful private cloud storage with no recurring fees

With large storage capacities from one to hundreds of terabytes (depending on your choice of Synology NAS and hard drives), Synology Drive makes files readily available whenever and wherever you need them.


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Seamlessly syncing & backing up

Work across computers in continuity using the desktop app. It's still your native Windows, macOS, or Ubuntu interface, but any changes you make to a file are automatically synced to other devices as soon as they're connected.

 Sync only what you need


Sync only what you need

Save the disk space and bandwidth of your PC with On-demand Sync1. See all your files in the synced folders, yet they’re only streamed to the desktop when you open them. Of course, you can always exclude certain subfolders, file formats or put a limit on the file size.
Go back in time

Go back in time

Still prefer that design you created a week ago? Simply right-click to restore a previous version. Synology’s Intelliversioning algorithm pinpoints the most significant changes over a longer period of time, ensuring that the versions aren’t taken up by all those small recent changes.
Back up your files

Back up your files

Automatically upload important folders so that you always have a copy in case of accidental deletion. The same versioning protects you from ransomware, too. 

Access & share files wherever you are

Even if you're not syncing them, rest assured that you always have online access to terabytes of data stored in Team Folders and your personal space. Browse them anytime with a browser or the Synology Drive mobile app.


Full content search
Search through file content and metadata (leveraging Synology Universal Search) even when you no longer recall the file name.


Share with secure links
Password protect a link or set an expiration date when it comes to sharing sensitive information externally. 


Offline access
Getting on a flight? Make the files you need available offline so you can still check them when you don't have an Internet connection.


Collaborate on documents in real time

Say goodbye to the old days when you and your colleagues take turns to edit a file. With Synology Office, you can all work on the same documents, spreadsheets, or slides simultaneously to get the job done much faster.



Supports converting from and to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in case you still need to collaborate with external clients.



Review changes made by each user if you wish to restore or lock a specific version.



Integration with Synology Chat lets you talk to other collaborators directly inside the document.


Streamline cross-office file sharing

For companies that have branch offices in different parts of the world, file sharing can be messy. Synology Drive automates the process by keeping selected folders on different Synology NAS in sync. Employees in each office can then upload or download files from those folders via SMB/AFP at LAN speeds. Learn more


Create your own cloud today

Join a community of over one million who have deployed Synology Drive at their homes or offices.


To find out more Synology Drive Specification including limitation and full feature, click here

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