DGS - Synology Chat - Instant messaging solution on a private cloud

Synology Chat reduces the time users spend on composing emails and optimizes companies' internal communications. Chat is a messaging service that runs on Synology NAS and transforms the way you collaborate with colleagues.

Public/private channels

Create a channel to gather all relevant personnel to ensure everyone is on the same page. You can invite specific members to a private channel or create a public channel that is open to everyone in the company. 

Encrypted messages

Administrators can flexibly turn on the end-to-end encryption feature, allowing users to set a passphrase for private channels and conversations. All the encrypted messages are safely stored on the server and cannot be viewed by administrators. 

Chat anywhere

Chat offers a web browser client and brand-new desktop client designed for Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. With the iOS and Android mobile apps, you can communicate with others anytime, anywhere. 


Manage your data all in one place

Chat centralizes all conversations into one place. Its feature-rich information management tools enable you to easily and effectively manage large amounts of messages and files you sent to or received from others, thereby improving your work efficiency. 


Pinned messages


Pinned messages

Pin important messages or discussion threads, ensuring all the members in the same conversation or channel never miss any news or updates. You can easily manage and directly respond to the pinned messages.
Bookmark & hashtag 

Bookmark & hashtag

Bookmark a message if you want to read it later, just like keeping the message in a to-do list. Use a hashtag to tag a specific message or anything for all the members in a channel or conversation.  
Package integration

Package integration

Within a few clicks, a Chat message can be added as a calendar event to Synology Calendar according to the time and date mentioned in the message, and event invitations can be sent from Calendar’s bot to Chat. Videos can be played directly on the web browser with Video Station’s video player without needing to download them.

Interaction facilitates productivity

Chat is embedded with interactive and entertaining features to increase users' productivity. 


d a file to several colleagues to avoid repeatedly uploading the same file and save storage capacity on your Synology NAS.

Message reminders

Create reminders upon receiving messages and never forget any important messages. Reminders can also be used as to-do tasks. 

Message scheduling 

Schedule the time and date to send a message, and the message will be delivered according to the set schedule.


Create a poll with customized configurations to quickly collect feedback from your team members.

Threaded messages

Comment directly on a specific message to ensure the discussion is centered on specific topics. All threaded messages are well-organized in the collection panel.

Third-party video conference

Chat integrates with third-party software including JumpChat, Appear.in, and Jitsi, allowing you to launch a video conference with a slash command.


Perfectly integrates with your IT environment

Compatibility with the current IT environment is crucial when deploying an on-premises solution. Synology Chat is flexible enough to fit into all kinds of IT environments.



Chat supports Windows AD and LDAP and can seamlessly integrate with your existing account system. Employees can log in to Chat directly, without needing any additional registration or email verification.

Webhook integration

With webhook integration, Chat can serve as an activity hub to centralize all the IT system notifications. In addition, configuring the incoming and outgoing webhooks and bots can turn Chat into a notification center for monitoring IT services and the automated information communication channels.

All-in-one collaboration tools

Chat plugin allows you to directly communicate with your colleagues when you are collaboratively editing and reviewing texts in Document and Spreadsheet, saving the hassle of needing to switch between tabs and optimizing work efficiency.  


To find out more Synology Chat Specification including limitation and full feature, click here

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