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Import and protect your content


For photographers and other content creators, offloading media cards is important in accelerating your workflow and in preventing potential data loss.


Automate importing

Just finished with a photo shoot? With USB Copy, you can create tasks that automatically copy files on an SD card when you plug it in. Customizable backup methods and the option to automatically clear the card help speed up busy workflows.

Back up mobile photography

Smartphones are becoming the go-to pocketable camera of choice, but lack storage redundancy and expandability that cameras may have. Synology’s family of file and content management apps, Moments, DS photo, and DS file all support automatically backing up photos and videos on your mobile device.


Multi-layered protection


For data that you can’t live without, having a solid backup strategy in place is a must. It is generally recommended to have 3 copies of your data, on 2 different types of media, with 1 copy at least in a remote location (3-2-1 strategy).


A solid foundation

Synology has adopted Btrfs, a next-generation file system that allows for fast recovery of your files to a previous point in time, great for combating ransomware or accidental deletion of data. Btrfs also provides protection against bit-rot, also known as silent data corruption.

Back up to multiple destinations

Use Hyper Backup to back up data to different locations, such as Synology NAS, USB storage, and public clouds. Encryption and deduplication provide security and storage efficiency.


Share content easily


Your work should be easily accessible, whether it is for your clients to preview, or for a collaborator to work on at the same time. We make it easy to synchronize files to another location and to view on mobile devices.

Show off your portfolio

Easily build up and organize a portfolio of different shoots and materials using Synology Photo Station. For an added touch of AI-powered image recognition, use Synology Moments, our latest solution designed for streamlined media management. View on the web or on your mobile devices; both options offer customizable sharing options that you can tailor to your needs.

Distribute files quickly

Have multiple teams working remotely on the same project? Sync files directly to other Synology NAS quickly with Drive ShareSync. Just need to share a few files with someone? Share files through Synology Drive with customizable password and expiration policies.

Direct access

Store, view, and edit files straight off the NAS and into your existing workflow. Get all the benefits of data protection and sharing capabilities while maximizing productivity with high-performance network connectivity.



You can start small, and then expand your storage as your data collection grows. From a single drive to 180 for up to 1.5 PB of storage.1

High performance

Deploy 10GbE/25GbE or faster network cards to increase performance. Flexible drive support allows for cost-effective HDD only, HDD with SSD cache, or all SSD arrays, based on your requirements.2

Fits right into your workflow

Easily connect to and mount folders to directly work on files, even from multiple editing workstations and render nodes.


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