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Cloud Sync

Effortlessly connect your Synology NAS to a public cloud provider to synchronize important data, leveraging the advantages of both platforms.

Connect with your existing public cloud accounts

Supports Backblaze B2, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and more. Save bandwidth by uploading once and then share with others via cloud.

Flexible synchronization

Set up scheduled or continuous one-way or two-way synchronization between your NAS and cloud services.

Reminder: Synchronization is not the same as backup!

Hyper Backup

Synology supports backing up files and system settings to different destinations, such as external USB drives, public clouds, and other Synology devices. AES-256 data encryption and versioning helps keeps your data safe against unintended access and ransomware.

Data efficiency and versioning

Retain up to 65,535 versions of data and leverage customizable rotation policies to comprehensively protect your digital assets. Cross-version deduplication and block-level incremental backup greatly eliminate wasted storage and bandwidth.

Synology C2 Backup

Synology C2 Backup is a backup service on Synology C2 for both business and home users. Keep additional copies on Synology C2 to add an extra layer of protection to your data.


Snapshot Replication

When using BTRFS (b-tree file system), you can enable near-instantaneous data protection of your shared folders and iSCSI LUNs. Snapshots enable flexible and storage efficient point-in-time recovery of files. Snapshot Replication supports scheduled replicating of data to other Synology devices.


Instant protection & recovery

Take a snapshot as frequently as 5 minutes for shared folders and 15 minutes for iSCSI LUNs, and recover to a previous version in seconds.


Self-service recovery

With eligible privileges, operators can recover files on their own with Synology File Station or through Windows File Explorer, without the need to involve administrators.


Disaster recovery solution

Application-aware snapshots for virtualized workloads running on VMware and Hyper-V ensure data consistency of virtual machines. Support for VMware Site Recovery Manager simplifies the recovery process.


Flexible replication topology

Supports multiple replication topologies for different environments and deployment strategies, including active-active, extended replication, one-to-many, and hub-to-spoke.





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