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Get the best of both virtual and physical worlds

Fully protect your data and services on physical servers running Microsoft Windows. With Instant Restore, you can migrate your services to VMware vSphere and Synology VMM in the event of unexpected interruptions.

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Pain points solved and needs satisfied

Highly Efficient Backup Experience


  • Global deduplication greatly reduces identical blocks across devices, platforms, and versions – with the proven 50%+ deduplication rate in real customer environments.
  • Forever-incremental backup identifies and transfers only changed blocks to reduce backup time and bandwidth.
  • Ensures backup consistency of VSS-aware applications, such as Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, SQL, and SharePoint.


Versatile ways of restoring


  • Bare-metal recovery: Bare-metal recovery (BMR) helps you recover disk images, applications, settings, and data in the event of disasters.
  • P2V recovery: Instantly boot the backup image on VMware, Hyper-V or Synology’s own hypervisor platform, Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), to recover your service.
  • Self-service recovery portal: Allow users to perform instant file and folder recovery on their own without IT support.


Risk Management

Even though everything seems on track when in service, once a server gets restarted, that is when existing errors reveal themselves. To make sure every problem can be discovered and the version is fully restorable, ahead of real restoration, the image will be sent to VMM for a dry run mocking the restart of the server. The results will be recorded and displayed in a form of video playing on split-screen monitors, where IT admins can easily spot the blue screen of death and troubleshoot the degradated versions even before the trouble takes place.


Complete your 3-2-1 backup efficiently

Always think one step ahead - extend your data protection by replicating backup data to another Synology NAS using Snapshot Replication, and let your storage size stay deduped. Easily restore from offsite backup tasks when a disaster happens at the production site.

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Unlimited backups. No license necessary.

Choose a compatible Synology NAS that fits your backup capacity planning, no matter how many computers, servers, or virtual machines you back up – completely free of software licenses.








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