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Risk-free system-level protection

Centralize PC backups

Active Backup for Business offers entire Windows PC protection from the administrative perspective, helping businesses or individuals centrally back up their critical digital assets and settings.


Learn more about supported Windows operating systems.

Bare-metal backup & recovery

System-level backup ensures bare-metal recovery (BMR) of disk images, applications, settings, and data in the event of disasters, extending protection to all the endpoints in your network.


Get your PC prepared against disasters

Regularly back up Windows system images and adopt the 3-2-1 backup strategy to realize off-site backup, minimizing the risk of ransomware and system crashes.

Client-side protection

You can start protecting your PCs by logging into the desktop client Active Backup for Business Agent.
Client-side protection


Monitor backup traffic your way

Flexibly distribute backup traffic by setting a maximum number of concurrent devices, scheduling your backup tasks, or using specific PC events (such as startup or logout) to trigger backups.


Monitor backup traffic your way

Create recovery media with a click

Generate boot media in mainstream USB and ISO formats with the Active Backup Recovery Media Creator, greatly simplifying the backup process — just a click away.
Create recovery media with a click

Optimize NAS storage efficiency

Provide business-grade backup methods to maximize storage capacity, thereby cutting down on storage costs as data continues to grow.

Global deduplication

Global deduplication technology works wonders especially for backup tasks across multiple PCs, as the operating systems and files across different devices and platforms will be deduplicated and saved only once.


Integrate Microsoft VSS to ensure data consistency and leverage Changed Block Tracking (CBT) to perform fast forever-incremental backup.



Streamline IT deployment and management

Active Backup for Business makes it easier for IT to deploy multiple PC backup in business environments.

Self-restore portal

Admins can enable a self-restore portal for permitted employees, where they can navigate the timeline for the recovery point to download files or folders.
Self-restore portal

Automatically apply backup rules

Set up templates to automatically apply backup frequency, number of backup versions, and retention policies to devices with different user groups — without manual configuration for each.
Automatically apply backup rules

Seamlessly integrate existing account system

Integrate Windows AD server so that the administrator can silently deploy mass installations & auto-logins at each client site.
Seamlessly integrate existing account system






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